Why CD-ROM and Compact disc are similar

Sentences that refer to both

Sentences that refer to both

  • The magazine began in 1994 as the first digital CD-ROM magazine by Jason Pearson, David Cherry, and Regina Joseph, acquired by Felix Dennis/Dennis Publishing, UK it published 15 digital CD issues, and launched on the web in 1997.Blender (magazine)-Wikipedia
  • In addition, the amendment extended the definition of a video recording to any device capable of storing electronic data, which invariably includes works available on DVD as well as CD and CD-ROM, although the amendment exempts video games (except if they depict criminal activity which is likely to any significant extent to stimulate or encourage the commission of offences).Video Recordings Act 1984-Wikipedia
  • DCC signaled the parting of ways of Philips and Sony, who had previously worked together successfully on the audio CD, CD-ROM, and CD-i.Digital Compact Cassette-Wikipedia
  • Compact discs rely on strobing reflections of the laser from the surface of the disc in order to be processed (it is also used for computer data).Stroboscopic effect-Wikipedia
  • If questions are answered correctly, prizes given away are CDs, DVDs, CD-ROM games, T-shirts, books, caps and other pop culture memorabilia.Flashback (radio program)-Wikipedia

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