Why Cabinet of the United States and Vice President of the United States are similar

Sentences that refer to both

  • In its history, the university has produced many prominent alumni, including 170 members of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives, 24 U.S. governors, 10 billionaire alumni, 10 U.S. Cabinet secretaries, 3 Nobel Prize laureates, 2 U.S. Supreme Court justices, and a U.S. vice president.Dartmouth College-Wikipedia
  • In all, there are one Vice President, one Supreme Court justice, six Cabinet members, 19 Senators and 71 Representatives (including a former Speaker of the House) buried there, as well as veterans of every American war, and the first director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover.Congressional Cemetery-Wikipedia
  • His class predicted he would become Vice President of the United States, adding, "His good nature, however, and his stubborn hair will keep the Cabinet happy and harmonious."Clifford P. Case-Wikipedia
  • Candidates who had served in any of the following positions, without having been removed from office, current criminal indictment, or conviction, needed 1,000 support clicks from each of 10 states to qualify: Vice President, United States Senator, member of Congress, Presidential Cabinet member, head of a Federal agency, governor, mayor of any of the largest 100 cities in the United States, chairman or chief executive officer or president of a corporation, nonprofit corporation, or philanthropic organization with 1,000 or more employees, president of a national labor union with 100,000 or more members, military officer who has attained flag rank, ambassador, or president of an American-based university with 4,000 or more students.Americans Elect-Wikipedia
  • If invoked by a plurality of United States Cabinet officials and affirmed by Vice President Mike Pence, Trump would be revoked of the presidency of the United States and transfer acting presidential power to Pence until noon on January 20, 2021, when his term is set to expire upon Biden's assumption of office.Efforts to impeach Donald Trump-Wikipedia
  • The vice president, an unpopular figure, pressures the cabinet to declare him acting president under the terms of the 25th Amendment so he can address a growing crisis with China with a pre-emptive nuclear strike.The President's Plane Is Missing (novel)-Wikipedia

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