Why Jack Rollins (producer) and Woody Allen are similar

Sentences that refer to both

Sentences that refer to both

  • Jack Rollins, who later became Woody Allen's manager and producer, invited them to audition and was most impressed: "Their work was so startling, so new, as fresh as could be. I was stunned by how really good they were, actually as impressed by their acting technique as by their comedy ... I thought, My God, these are two people writing hilarious comedy on their feet!"Mike Nichols-Wikipedia
  • After contacting some agents in New York, they were asked to audition for Jack Rollins, who would later become Woody Allen's manager and executive producer.Elaine May-Wikipedia
  • Immediately after the Au Go Go Singers breakup, the Rollins and Joffe Talent Agency—managers of Dick Cavett, Woody Allen, and other notables—heard a reunion of the Bay Singers at the Cafe Au Go Go and offered the group a six-week Canadian tour.Cafe Au Go Go-Wikipedia
  • He is best known as, in partnership with Jack Rollins, the producer or executive producer of most of Woody Allen's films.Charles H. Joffe-Wikipedia

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