Why Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 are similar

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  • Italy participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 which took place on 26 November 2016 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Channel owned by Radiotelevisione Italiana , was responsible for organising their entry for the contest. Wikipedia

  • Andri Xhahu

    Television and radio presenter, host and editor, who works for RTSH (Albanian Radio and Television). Since 2012 he has been the Albanian commentator and the spokesperson for the Eurovision Song Contest. Wikipedia

  • Evgeny Perlin

    Belarusian journalist and television presenter. Announced that Perlin would host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018, alongside singers Helena Meraai and Zinaida Kupriyanovich, in Minsk. Wikipedia

  • Kosta Glasbruk

    Swedish glassworks founded by two foreign officers in Charles XII's army, Anders Koskull and Georg Bogislaus Staël von Holstein, in 1742. Portmanteau of the founders' surnames, Ko + Sta(el). Wikipedia

  • Fun Kids

    National children's and pop digital radio station in the United Kingdom with associated websites, YouTube and podcast channels. It has previously been the winner of the Sony and Arqiva Digital Radio Stations of the year. Wikipedia

  • NPO Zapp

    Children's block from the NPO on NPO 3 that launched as Z@pp on 4 September 2005. Since September 2005, Zappelin has been the name of a block for younger children. Wikipedia

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