Why Karachi and Karachi Division are similar

Sentences that refer to both

Sentences that refer to both

  • So far as their settlement in Pakistan is concerned, 97.4% of the refugees from East Punjab and its contiguous areas went to West Punjab; 95.9% from Bihar, West Bengal and Orissa to the erstwhile East Pakistan; 95.5% from UP and Delhi to West Pakistan, mainly in Karachi_Division">Karachi Division of Sindh; 97.2% from Bhopal and Hyderabad to West Pakistan, mainly Karachi; and 98.9% from Bombay and Gujarat to West Pakistan, largely to Karachi; and 98.9% from Madras and Mysore went to West Pakistan, mainly Karachi.Partition of India-Wikipedia
  • Korangi District is one of the seven administrative districts of Karachi, part of the Karachi Division in Sindh, Pakistan.Korangi District-Wikipedia
  • Karachi city is a division itself and it comprises seven city districts that worked together under the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.City Districts of Pakistan-Wikipedia

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