Why Politics of the Republic of Ireland and Republic of Ireland are similar

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  • Chrysanthemum Throne

    Throne of the Emperor of Japan. The term also can refer to very specific seating, such as the Takamikura (高御座) throne in the Shishin-den at Kyoto Imperial Palace. Wikipedia

  • Imperial cult

    Form of state religion in which an emperor or a dynasty of emperors are worshipped as demigods or deities. Used to mean "worship", not in the modern pejorative sense. Wikipedia

  • List of emperors of Japan

    This list of Emperors of Japan presents the traditional order of succession. Records of the reigns of the Emperors of Japan are compiled according to the traditional Japanese calendar. Wikipedia

  • Richard Ponsonby-Fane

    British academic, author, specialist of Shinto and Japanologist. Born at Gravesend on the south bank of the Thames in Kent, England to John Henry and Florence Ponsonby. Wikipedia

  • Nihon Ōdai Ichiran

    17th-century chronicle of the serial reigns of Japanese emperors with brief notes about some of the noteworthy events or other happenings. One of very few books about Japan available in the Western world. Wikipedia

  • Isaac Titsingh

    Isaac Titsingh FRS (c. Dutch scholar, merchant-trader and ambassador. Wikipedia

    Sentences that refer to both

    Sentences that refer to both

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