Why Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Studios (Burbank) are similar

Sentences that refer to both

  • (Most films produced after 1968 were filmed on location after the failure of Camelot was partially attributed to the fact it was set in England but obviously filmed in Burbank.) With control over its own lot tied up in TBS, Warner ultimately retained a significant portion of its backlot, while Fox sold its backlot to create Century City, Universal turned part of its backlot into a theme park and shopping center, and Disney replaced its backlot with office buildings and exiled its animation department to an industrial park in Glendale.Warner Bros.-Wikipedia
  • The animation studio building at the Walt Disney Studios, in Burbank, California, was rededicated as the "Roy E. Disney Animation Building" on May 7, 2010.Roy E. Disney-Wikipedia
  • A very large version of the hat is also seen at the entrance of the Walt Disney Animation Studios building at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California (and can be easily seen from both Riverside Drive and the 134 Freeway).List of Fantasia (franchise) characters-Wikipedia
  • Traditional animation and clean-up were done at the Paris-based division of Walt Disney Feature Animation, while all painting, digital work, and post-production were performed at the Burbank studio.Lorenzo (film)-Wikipedia

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