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Practice of having a legislature divided into two separate assemblies, chambers, or houses, known as a bicameral legislature. Wikipedia

  • Minnesota Legislature

    Bicameral legislature of the U.S. state of Minnesota consisting of two houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives. Senators are elected from 67 single-member districts. Wikipedia

  • National Assembly (Belize)

    Bicameral legislature of the nation of Belize. Divided into the House of Representatives, with 31 members, elected by universal suffrage, and the Senate, with 13 members, appointed by the Governor-General in consultation with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. Wikipedia

  • Bicameral legislature of Zimbabwe and is composed of two chambers: the Senate and the National Assembly. Upper house, and consists of 80 members, 60 of whom are elected by proportional representation from ten six-member constituencies corresponding to the country's provinces. Wikipedia

  • Legislature of Liberia

    Bicameral legislature of the government of Liberia. It consists of a Senate – the upper house, and a House of Representatives – the lower house, modeled after the United States Congress. Wikipedia

  • North Carolina General Assembly

    Bicameral legislature of the State government of North Carolina. The legislature consists of two chambers: the Senate and the House of Representatives. Wikipedia

  • Congress of the Philippines

    Bicameral legislature of the Philippines. Consisted of the Senate and the House of Representatives (lower house), although colloquially, the term "Congress" commonly refers to just the latter. Wikipedia


    Sentences forbicameralism

    • Polish voters elect a bicameral parliament consisting of a 460-member lower house (Sejm) and a 100-member Senate (Senat).Poland-Wikipedia
    • Before 1971, the university was governed under a bicameral system composed of the board of governors and the university senate.University of Toronto-Wikipedia
    • Tamil Nadu had a bicameral legislature until 1986, when it was replaced with a unicameral legislature, like most other states in India.Tamil Nadu-Wikipedia
    • The 1991 constitution created a bicameral parliament but the upper house (Chamber of Representatives) was abolished in 2002.Burkina Faso-Wikipedia
    • Unicameral supporters also argued that a bicameral legislature had a significant undemocratic feature in the committees that reconciled House and Senate legislation.Nebraska-Wikipedia
    • These appointments are preceded by consultations with the respective committees or commissions of the two houses of the Federal Assembly.President of Russia-Wikipedia

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