Instruments similar to or like bodhrán

Frame drum of Irish origin ranging from 25 to(-) in diameter, with most drums measuring 35 - 45 cm. The sides of the drum are 9 - 20 cm deep. Wikipedia

  • Daf

    Large Kurdish and Persian frame drum used in popular and classical music. Also used in religious ceremonies among Kurds. Wikipedia

  • Kanjira

    Instrument of the tambourine family. As a folk and bhajan instrument, it has been used in India for many centuries. Wikipedia

  • Tar (drum)

    Ancient, single-headed frame drum. Commonly played in the Middle East and North Africa. Wikipedia

  • Padayani thappu

    Indian frame drum with a wooden frame. Played with the hands. Wikipedia

  • Riddle drum

    Makeshift frame drum used in traditional English folk music. Originally, they were large agricultural sieves used for winnowing corn, made from sheepskin stretched across a wooden frame. Wikipedia

  • Frame drum found in French Guiana, Jamaica and Sierra Leone. It has a small size, with square frame and one head of goat skin. Wikipedia


    Sentences forbodhrán

    • The word bodhrán, indicating a drum, is first mentioned in a translated English document in the 17th century.Irish traditional music-Wikipedia
    • He played the guitar and occasionally the mandolin, while Bobby played the banjo, guitar, harmonica, and bodhrán.The Clancy Brothers-Wikipedia
    • His solo style includes driving rhythms on guitar and bodhrán as well as slower ballads.Christy Moore-Wikipedia
    • The bass riff in the song, inspired by the bodhrán, was played by The Edge, but stemmed from some of Clayton's unused bass parts.Where the Streets Have No Name-Wikipedia
    • The céilí dances are typically danced to Irish instruments such as the Irish bodhrán or fiddle in addition to the concertina (and similar instruments), guitar, whistle or flute.Irish dance-Wikipedia
    • He claimed that the two main instruments were the "harp" and "tabor" (see also bodhrán), that their music was fast and lively, and that their songs always began and ended with B-flat.Gaelic Ireland-Wikipedia

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