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Any significant accumulation of water, generally on a planet's surface. Wikipedia

  • Fresh water

    Any naturally occurring water except seawater and brackish water. Generally characterized by having low concentrations of dissolved salts and other total dissolved solids. Wikipedia

  • Stream

    Body of water with surface water flowing within the bed and banks of a channel. Controlled by three inputs – surface water, subsurface water and groundwater. Wikipedia

  • Ocean

    Body of water that composes much of a planet's hydrosphere. Ocean is one of the major conventional divisions of the World Ocean. Wikipedia

  • Flood

    Overflow of water that submerges land that is usually dry. In the sense of "flowing water", the word may also be applied to the inflow of the tide. Wikipedia

  • River delta

    Landform created by deposition of sediment that is carried by a river as the flow leaves its mouth and enters slower-moving or stagnant water. Ocean, sea, estuary, lake, reservoir, or another river that cannot carry away the supplied sediment. Wikipedia

  • Lake

    Area filled with water, localized in a basin, surrounded by land, apart from any river or other outlet that serves to feed or drain the lake. Lakes lie on land and are not part of the ocean, although like the much larger oceans, they form part of earth's water cycle. Wikipedia


    Sentences forbody of water

    • The Caspian Sea is the world's largest inland body of water, variously classed as the world's largest lake or a full-fledged sea.Caspian Sea-Wikipedia
    • Other distances may also be used in local festivals, such as 100 or 250 meters, or another distance, depending on the size of the body of water.Dragon boat-Wikipedia
    • Liquid water is found in bodies of water, such as an ocean, sea, lake, river, stream, canal, pond, or puddle.Water-Wikipedia
    • This is a list of the lists of islands in the world grouped by country, by continent, by body of water, and by other classifications.Lists of islands-Wikipedia
    • Aquatic species mostly live on the seabed or bottom of freshwater bodies of water, but some taxa can swim for a short distance.Isopoda-Wikipedia
    • In more arid regions, Cooper's hawks may seek out artificial bodies of water to drink from (especially in passage).Cooper's hawk-Wikipedia

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