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Musical composition for two performers in which the performers have equal importance to the piece, often a composition involving two singers or two pianists. Wikipedia

  • Musical ensemble

    Group of people who perform instrumental or vocal music, with the ensemble typically known by a distinct name. Some music ensembles consist solely of instruments, such as the jazz quartet or the orchestra. Wikipedia

  • Musical analysis

    Study of musical structure in either compositions or performances. Means of answering directly the question 'How does it work?'". Wikipedia

  • Musical composition

    Original piece or work of music, either vocal or instrumental, the structure of a musical piece or to the process of creating or writing a new piece of music. People who create new compositions are called composers. Wikipedia

  • Piano duet

    Instrument to him- or herself." Often referred to as "piano four hands". Wikipedia

  • Composition which requires twelve musicians for a performance, or a musical group that consists of twelve people. Sometimes called a "twelvetet". Wikipedia

  • Serenade

    Musical composition and/or performance delivered in honor of someone or something. Serenades are typically calm, light pieces of music. Wikipedia


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