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One of the top positions in the making of a commercial entertainment product. Wikipedia

  • Legal services provided to the entertainment industry. These services in entertainment law overlap with intellectual property law. Wikipedia

  • The Pokémon Company

    Japanese company responsible for brand management, production, marketing and licensing of the Pokémon franchise, consisting of video game software, a trading card game, anime television series, films, manga, home entertainment products, merchandise, and other ventures. Established through a joint investment by the three businesses holding the copyright of Pokémon: Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. Wikipedia

  • Writer or playwright hired by a film, television, or theatre production to rewrite an existing script or polish specific aspects of it, including structure, characterization, dialogue, pacing, themes, and other elements. Script doctors generally do their work uncredited for a variety of commercial and artistic reasons. Wikipedia

  • Process of planning some of the elements involved in a film, play, or other performance. There are three parts in a production: pre-production, production, and post-production. Wikipedia

  • Eternal (record label)

    Taiwanese record label and entertainment company founded by Taiwanese talent manager Ke Fu-hung and singer Jolin Tsai in 2009 in Taipei, Taiwan. It manages Tsai's day-to-day business affairs and coordinates the production and enforcement of copyright for her sound recordings and music concerts. Wikipedia

  • Hammer Film Productions

    British film production company based in London. Best known for a series of Gothic horror films made from the mid-1950s until the 1970s. Wikipedia


    Sentences forexecutive producer

    • Zanuck eventually became a top producer and between 1928 and 1933 served as Jack's right-hand man and executive producer, with responsibilities including day-to-day film production.Warner Bros.-Wikipedia
    • Lopez next starred in the film Hustlers (2019), for which she also served as an executive producer, and which grossed over US$100 million in North American box office receipts alone.Jennifer Lopez-Wikipedia
    • Jon Sen, the show's executive producer, expressed his excitement at the new series, dubbing it "a unique opportunity to see from the cast themselves just what it is like to be part of EastEnders".EastEnders-Wikipedia
    • To improve Good Morning Americas ratings performance, which briefly fell to third place among the morning shows in January 1999, ABC News management selected Shelley Ross from the field of executive producer candidates.Good Morning America-Wikipedia
    • The executive producer, on the other hand, enables the recording project through entrepreneurship, and an audio engineer operates the technology.Record producer-Wikipedia
    • The music was composed by Mark Snow, who got involved with The X-Files through his friendship with executive producer Goodwin.The X-Files-Wikipedia

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