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Local boards or local boards of health were local authorities in urban areas of England and Wales from 1848 to 1894. Wikipedia

  • British Government supervisory body overseeing local administration in England and Wales from 1871 to 1919. Created by the Local Government Board Act 1871 (C. Wikipedia

  • Local education authorities (LEAs) are the local councils in England and Wales that are responsible for education within their jurisdiction. Used to identify which council is locally responsible for education in a system with several layers of local government. Wikipedia

  • Urban district was a type of local government district that covered an urbanised area. Elected urban district council , which shared local government responsibilities with a county council. Wikipedia

  • Civil parish

    Type of administrative parish used for local government. Territorial designation which is the lowest tier of local government below districts and counties, or their combined form, the unitary authority. Wikipedia

  • Function of local authorities in England and Wales. Introduced by the Local Government Act 2000 which created separate Executive and Overview and Scrutiny functions within councils. Wikipedia

  • Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that made changes to the Poor Law and local government in England and Wales. The Act abolished the system of poor law unions in England and Wales and their boards of guardians, transferring their powers to local authorities. Wikipedia


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    • New forms of local government were established in the urban areas of the county with the setting of local boards under the Public Health Act 1848 and Local Government Act 1858.Monmouthshire (historic)-Wikipedia
    • After the passing of the Public Health Act (1848), Penzance was one of the first towns to petition to form a local board of health, doing so in September that year.Penzance-Wikipedia
    • In 1890, a local board of health was set up for the parish, replacing the rural sanitary authority, and in 1894 a reform of local government reconstituted it as an urban district.Ilford-Wikipedia
    • A local board of health had been set up in Nuneaton in 1848 to provide the town with necessary infrastructure such as paved roads, clean drinking water, street lighting and sewerage.Nuneaton-Wikipedia
    • In response to this, in 1849 Croydon became one of the first towns in the country to acquire a local board of health.Croydon-Wikipedia
    • Even after the establishment of the local board of health new properties were often built in the gardens of existing dwellings, leading to severe overcrowding.Eccles, Greater Manchester-Wikipedia

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