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Market value of a publicly traded company's outstanding shares. Wikipedia

  • Public company

    Company whose ownership is organized via shares of stock which are intended to be freely traded on a stock exchange or in over-the-counter markets. A public company can be listed on a stock exchange (listed company), which facilitates the trade of shares, or not (unlisted public company). Wikipedia

  • Microcap publicly traded company holding assets in direct marketing, telecommunications and technology. CornerWorld has headquarters in Dallas, Texas, as well as offices in Holland, Michigan, and New York, New York. Wikipedia

  • Publicly traded company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Wikipedia

  • Publicly traded company headquartered in Douglas County, Colorado, United States. Intermap provides geospatial solutions that allow GIS professionals in commercial and government organizations worldwide to build a broad range of applications. Wikipedia

  • Kawase

    Online brokerage registered in Cyprus that provides financial trading contracts for difference on the currency markets, shares, ETFs, major indices and commodities such as precious metals; gold and crude oil. Kawase accommodates its financial services to both retail and institutional clients. Wikipedia

  • Fannie Mae

    United States government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) and, since 1968, a publicly traded company. To expand the secondary mortgage market by securitizing mortgage loans in the form of mortgage-backed securities , allowing lenders to reinvest their assets into more lending and in effect increasing the number of lenders in the mortgage market by reducing the reliance on locally based savings and loan associations (or "thrifts"). Wikipedia


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    • The value or "size" of a company is called its market capitalization, a term which is often shortened to "market cap".Public company-Wikipedia
    • Arab Bank represents 28% of the Amman Stock Exchange and is the highest-ranked institution by market capitalization on the exchange.Amman-Wikipedia
    • , Toyota was the largest listed company in Japan by market capitalization (worth more than twice as much as number 2-ranked SoftBank) and by revenue.Toyota-Wikipedia
    • The Belgrade Stock Exchange is also located in New Belgrade, and has a market capitalisation of €6.5 billion (US$7.1 billion).Belgrade-Wikipedia
    • Siemens' shares traded at over US$58 per share, and its market capitalization was valued at US$95.3 billion in November 2018.Siemens-Wikipedia
    • It is by far the world's largest stock exchange by market capitalization of its listed companies at US$30.1 trillion as of February 2018.New York Stock Exchange-Wikipedia

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