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Process of recording the movement of objects or people. Wikipedia

  • Visual effects

    Process by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot in filmmaking and video production. Called VFX. Wikipedia

  • High-resolution technique developed in 1969 that is employed to know the consecutive position of the fingers of the user and hence represent objects in 3D. Used as a tool of the computer, acting as an external device in our computer, similar to a keyboard and a mouse. Wikipedia

  • 3D reconstruction

    Process of capturing the shape and appearance of real objects. This process can be accomplished either by active or passive methods. Wikipedia

  • Manipulation and performance of digitally animated 2D or 3D figures and objects in a virtual environment that are rendered in real time by computers. Most commonly used in filmmaking and television production, but has also been used in interactive theme park attractions and live theatre. Wikipedia

  • The history of computer animation began as early as the 1940s and 1950s, when people began to experiment with computer graphics - most notably by John Whitney. Only by the early 1960s when digital computers had become widely established, that new avenues for innovative computer graphics blossomed. Wikipedia

  • Motion planning

    Computational problem to find a sequence of valid configurations that moves the object from the source to destination. Used in computational geometry, computer animation, robotics and computer games. Wikipedia


    Sentences formotion capture

    • Computer-generated imagery is often used in conjunction with motion capture to better cover the faults that come with CGI and animation.Computer-generated imagery-Wikipedia
    • The motion capture film, which is the first of its kind in India, was released in 2014 to positive reviews.Rajinikanth-Wikipedia
    • In early 2009, Spielberg shot the first film in a planned trilogy of motion capture films based on The Adventures of Tintin, written by Belgian artist Hergé.Steven Spielberg-Wikipedia
    • Their performances were mostly recorded using motion capture technology, but dialogue for scenes with characters seated in vehicles was recorded in studios instead.Grand Theft Auto V-Wikipedia
    • Afterwards, digital water and smoke were added, as were extras captured on a motion capture stage.Titanic (1997 film)-Wikipedia
    • The company also had a motion capture studio built into their headquarters, making them the first video game company to have an in-house motion capture studio.Acclaim Entertainment-Wikipedia

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