Instruments similar to or like mridangam

Percussion instrument of ancient origin. Wikipedia

  • Thanjavur R. Ramamoorthy

    Vidwan in Indian classical music, playing Carnatic music on the mridangam, an ancient Indian percussion instrument. Primary rhythmic accompaniment in a Carnatic music ensemble, and in the Dhrupad genre, where it is known as a pakhawaj. Wikipedia

  • Pakhavaj

    Barrel-shaped, two-headed drum, originating from the Indian subcontinent, a variant and descendant of the older mridangam. Distant relation of the pakhawaj and other South Asian double-headed drums. Wikipedia

  • Gamelan

    Traditional ensemble music of the Javanese, Sundanese, and Balinese peoples of Indonesia, made up predominantly of percussive instruments. The most common instruments used are metallophones played by mallets and a set of hand-played drums called kendhang which register the beat. Wikipedia

  • Art of performing percussion syllables vocally in South Indian Carnatic music. Spoken component of solkattu, which refers to a combination of konnakol syllables spoken while simultaneously counting the tala with the hand. Wikipedia

  • Thavil

    Barrel-shaped percussion instrument from Tamil Nadu. Used in temple, folk and Carnatic music, often accompanying the nadaswaram. Wikipedia

  • Melodic percussion instrument

    Percussion instrument used to produce several different notes of different pitches. Melodic percussion instruments are examples of pitched percussion and include mallet percussion and keyboard percussion. Wikipedia


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