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For other uses, see National Anthem (disambiguation). Wikipedia

  • Sonar

    For other uses, see Sonar (disambiguation). Not to be confused with Sodar or Sonnar. Wikipedia

  • March of the Volunteers

    National anthem of the People's Republic of China, including its special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau. Written entirely in the vernacular, rather than in Classical Chinese. Wikipedia

  • List of national anthems

    Anthem, defined as "a song, as of praise, devotion, or patriotism"; most anthems are either marches or hymns in style. A song or hymn can become a national anthem under the state's constitution, by a law enacted by its legislature, or simply by tradition. Wikipedia

  • Mer Hayrenik

    National anthem of Armenia. Barsegh Kanachyan composed the music, while the lyrics were authored by Mikayel Nalbandian. Wikipedia

  • National anthem of South Sudan; it was selected as such by the South Sudan National Anthem Committee of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement following the launch of a competition to find a national anthem in August 2010. This preceded the independence referendum in January 2011 that led to South Sudan becoming a sovereign state on 9 July 2011. Wikipedia

  • Vilnius

    Capital of Lithuania and its largest city, with a population of 587,581. Estimated at 706,832 , while according to the Vilnius territorial health insurance fund, there were 732,421 permanent inhabitants as of October 2020 in Vilnius city and Vilnius district municipalities combined. Wikipedia


    Sentences fornational anthem

    • After the medals have been received, the national flags of the three medallists are raised while the national anthem of the gold medallist's country is played.Olympic Games-Wikipedia
    • The anthem of Andalusia was composed by José del Castillo Díaz (director of the Municipal Band of Seville, commonly known as Maestro Castillo) with lyrics by Blas Infante.Andalusia-Wikipedia
    • The national anthem is played, the transferring officer reads the commissioning directive, the ensign is hoisted, and the commissioning pennant broken.Ship commissioning-Wikipedia
    • Although this has largely given way to English, Malay still retains the status of national language and the national anthem, Majulah Singapura, is entirely in Malay.Malay language-Wikipedia
    • The national anthem of the United Kingdom is "God Save the Queen", with "Queen" replaced with "King" in the lyrics whenever the monarch is a man.United Kingdom-Wikipedia
    • After the medals are given out by a CGF member, the national flags of the three medallists are raised while the national anthem of the gold medallist's country plays.Commonwealth Games-Wikipedia

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