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Non-monetary benefit that a company's stakeholders give in labor and time, rather than a monetary contribution, that benefit the company. Wikipedia

  • Person who gives some form of help to benefit a person, group or organization , often gifting a monetary contribution in the form of an endowment to help a cause. Alumnus from a university giving back to a college or an individual providing assistance to others. Wikipedia

  • Desired holding of financial assets in the form of money: that is, cash or bank deposits rather than investments. It can refer to the demand for money narrowly defined as M1 (directly spendable holdings), or for money in the broader sense of M2 or M3. Wikipedia

  • Concept that the board of directors in corporations are in most legal systems required to use their powers for the commercial benefit of the company and its members. At common law, transactions which were not ostensibly beneficial to the company were set aside as being void as against the company. Wikipedia

  • Monetary value of earnings per outstanding share of common stock for a company. In the United States, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) requires EPS information for the four major categories of the income statement: continuing operations, discontinued operations, extraordinary items, and net income. Wikipedia

  • Medco Health Solutions

    American Pharmacy Benefits Management company. Medco provided pharmacy services for private and public employers, health plans, labor unions, government agencies, and individuals served by Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans. Wikipedia

  • Term used in Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand to describe a local, usually Asian (Chinese, Malay or Indian) woman who exclusively dates or socializes with men of European origin for potential monetary or social benefits. Still ruled by the British Empire. Wikipedia


    Sentences forsweat equity

    • The TPT process strips the minority owner of: the property; its value; and mitigates the sweat equity, and resources invested; all with no compensation.Ritchie Torres-Wikipedia
    • The TPT process strips the minority owner of: the property; its value; and mitigates the sweat equity, and resources invested; all with no compensation.New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development-Wikipedia
    • It had just been completed at the cost of $1.8 million plus sweat equity of the Muslims of its rural community, including descendants of Pakistani who immigrated to the area c. undefined 1902.List of mosques in the United States-Wikipedia
    • Zuckerberg allegedly chose to be compensated through an interest in the enterprise (sweat equity).Tyler Winklevoss-Wikipedia
    • Currently WOW does not charge membership fees and members participate in sweat equity, in order to get produce a show, they are expected to help with others' shows as well.WOW Café-Wikipedia
    • Homeowners are usually expected to put approximately 500hours of "sweat equity" into their own or other project homes, although this amount may vary by location, the number of wage-earning adults in each family, and the recipients' health issues.Habitat for Humanity-Wikipedia

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