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Social class composed of people who hold the highest social status, usually are the wealthiest members of class society, and wield the greatest political power. Wikipedia

  • Social class

    Set of concepts in the social sciences and political theory centered on models of social stratification which occurs in class society, in which people are grouped into a set of hierarchical social categories, the most common being the upper, middle and lower classes. Subject of analysis for sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists and social historians. Wikipedia

  • Social stratification

    Social stratification refers to a society's categorization of its people into groups based on socioeconomic factors like wealth, income, race, education, ethnicity, gender, occupation, social status, or derived power (social and political). Relative social position of persons within a social group, category, geographic region, or social unit. Wikipedia

  • Marxism

    Method of socioeconomic analysis that uses a materialist interpretation of historical development, better known as historical materialism, to understand class relations and social conflict as well as a dialectical perspective to view social transformation. It originates from the works of 19th-century German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Wikipedia

  • Social class of a given society that decides upon and sets that society's political agenda. Seen to have two social classes, the bourgeoisie which is the ruling class which owns the means of production as private property, and the proletariat who are exploited for their labor. Wikipedia

  • Set of beliefs that a person holds regarding their social class or economic rank in society, the structure of their class, and their class interests. Awareness that is key to sparking a revolution that would "create a dictatorship of the proletariat, transforming it from a wage-earning, property-less mass into the ruling class". Wikipedia

  • Developed by Dennis Gilbert as a means of a more effective way of classifying people in a given society into social classes. Determined by ownership of the "means of economic production" - ownership of raw materials, farm land, coal mines, factories, etc. Wikipedia


    Sentences forupper class

    • The need for such an institution was a result of the religious and social nature of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, which then educated solely the sons of wealthy Anglicans.King's College London-Wikipedia
    • Italian was adopted by the state after the Unification of Italy, having previously been a literary language based on Tuscan as spoken mostly by the upper class of Florentine society.Italian language-Wikipedia
    • The Budapest Opera Ball is an annual Hungarian society event taking place in the building of the Budapest Opera (Operaház) on the last Saturday of the carnival season, usually late February.Budapest-Wikipedia
    • The game's roots in the English public girls' school mean that the game is associated in the UK with active or overachieving middle class and upper class women.Field hockey-Wikipedia
    • The South End has long had a reputation as a white, working-class part of town, while the East End has been seen as middle and upper class.Louisville, Kentucky-Wikipedia
    • The business community is serviced by two major business magazines, the Kansas City Business Journal (published weekly) and Ingram's Magazine (published monthly), as well as other publications, including a local society journal, the Independent (published weekly).Kansas City, Missouri-Wikipedia

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